Top 10 Spots to Paddle Board on the East Coast

One of the fastest-growing outdoor activities on the Eastern Seaboard of North America is stand up paddle boarding, also known as SUP among its growing number of fans and supporters. SUP is a sport that can be enjoyed in a variety of water environments, ranging from oceans and bays to quiet inlets and even freshwater lakes. Here’s a look at the Top 10 spots to paddle board on the East Coast:


1: Mount Desert Island, Maine


The second-largest island on the Eastern Seaboard is also a prime destination for SUP paddle boarding. One of the best options is Acadia National Park, which features amazing mountain backdrops, rugged and rocky coastlines, and plenty of areas for relaxing, calm paddle boarding. You might even see someone doing paddle board yoga along the lakes of Acadia.


2: Halifax, Nova Scotia


The Halifax paddle boarding scene has really picked up in recent years, and now ranks among the best places to take your SUP board on the Eastern Seaboard. The best area for paddle boarding here, say locals, is a protected region known as Prospect that is located within Peggy’s Cove.


3: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Located along South Carolina’s Atlantic coastline, Myrtle Beach is already a standout tourist destination during the summer months. But explore beyond the beaches, and you’ll find an active SUP community ready to show you the area’s picturesque inland waterways..


4: Montreal, Quebec


While the coastline might be the first place you think about paddle boarding, freshwater paddling further inland is also an option. The mighty St. Lawrence River makes Montreal a surprisingly good option for SUP.


5: Key West, Florida


SUP has become one of the fastest-growing water sports in the Sunshine State, and Key West now features an annual 12-mile SUP race. Soak up the sun and enjoy some of the best ocean paddle boarding in North America.


6: Delaware Seashore State Park


Delaware has emerged as a hot spot for SUP, and one big attraction is Delaware Seashore State Park, located near Dewey Beach.


7: Kiawah Island, South Carolina


Soak up the historical charm of Charleston, and then make your way to Kiawah Island, one of Charleston’s barrier islands. Here, your SUP board experience will include picturesque views of beautiful foliage and exotic seabirds.


8: Restigouche River, Quebec


This region, located in Northern Quebec, is perhaps one of the most remote outposts for SUP along the Eastern Seaboard. Here, you can find over 24 kilometers of nearly pristine waterways.


9: Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina


Over 4 miles of beach area make this one of the most picturesque oceanfront areas for SUP activities. To the east is the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west is the Intercoastal Waterway.


10: Frontenac Provincial Park, Ontario


This thickly forested area offers a serene experience for anyone interested in SUP boards Canada. As an added bonus, despite its pristine location, it’s still just 30 minutes away from the nearest train station, making it convenient for folks looking for a quick outdoors getaway.




Anywhere you go along the Eastern Seaboard for a vacation or long weekend, you’re likely to see people standup paddle boarding. So the next time you’re headed out to the great outdoors for a hiking or canoeing trip, don’t forget to take along your inflatable paddle board as well.


Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

May 24, 2020 — Terry Arsenault