5 Places To Stand-Up Paddleboard in Calgary

Calgary is an incredible city located in Alberta, Canada, at the Bow and Elbow Rivers' meeting point. This thriving city is the largest in Alberta, but you'd never know it with the outdoor recreation opportunities available. You can find unique nearby locations for biking, hiking, swimming, and even stand-up paddleboarding. We scoured the area to find the best places to stand-up paddleboard near Calgary.

5 Places To Stand-Up Paddleboard in Calgary

Chestermere Lake

Located just under 20 kilometers from downtown Calgary, we find Chestermere Lake down highway 1A; the boat ramp is located just behind Tim Horton's. This lake is a beginner-friendly paddleboarding location with bathrooms and a beach. Chestermere Lake is a great place to gain some confidence in your paddleboarding abilities or take kids out on the water. You can even rent a paddleboard at Hyperactive Watersports.

Bow River

Bow River runs through Calgary and provides a more challenging paddleboarding experience. The river has multiple entries and exit points, but you need two vehicles or a shuttle to complete your adventure. The Bow River's moving water creates a more challenging paddleboarding trip; there are some small rapids on the river, and a life jacket and whistle are required equipment for all paddleboarders. Learn more about the Bow River here.

Two Jack Lake

Two Jack Lake is a gorgeous body of water located near Banff, Alberta. 130 kilometers from downtown Calgary off of Highway 1, a beach, magnificent mountain views, bathrooms, and camping opportunities round out this scenic area. Two Jack Lake is calm and warm, perfect for beginner paddleboarders and expert adventurers alike. For even more fun, visit nearby Johnson Lake as well. Learn more about Two Jack Lake here.

Spray Lakes Reservoir

Another beautiful place to stand-up paddleboard is Spray Lakes Reservoir. The reservoir is located 122 miles from downtown Calgary in the Driftwood Day-use Area. A more remote location than others on this list, the boat launch area has only pit toilets in terms of amenities. The Spray Lakes Reservoir is quite cold and can be windy, so it's a more intermediate paddleboarding location. On a calm morning or evening, though, this lake is the perfect paddleboarding excursion.

Quarry Lake

Quarry Lake is located in Canmore, Alberta, and is often listed as one of Calgary's best beaches. Though usually busy, this lake is the perfect paddleboarding location for paddleboarders of all ages and experience levels. After paddleboarding, take advantage of the numerous hiking trails nearby to spend even more time enjoying nature. Plan your trip to Quarry Lake here.

Can't Go Wrong Paddleboarding in Calgary

One of the best things about paddleboarding is that as long as you find flat water, nearly any place can be an excellent paddleboarding location. Do you have a favorite site to stand-up paddleboard in or near Calgary? Let us know your favorite spots!

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March 23, 2021 — Terry Arsenault